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SOURCE:  Bill Bellican

Below are some examples of questions you might use in building your relationship with your child/teen.  Prayerfully consider how the Lord might have you work these into conversations at different times.  Don’t use these questions like a project where you ask your child to answer all the questions as though it was a homework assignment.  Weave them throughout your interactions with your child.  Get to know them better.  Enter their world.  Explore what is of interest to them.  This is not a time to fix things or pass judgement.  Make it about them as opposed to you.  Listen.  Learn.  Proverbs 1:5 admonishes us: “Let the wise listen and add to their learning.”  Seek the grace and ability from the Lord to really listen and add to your learning about your child.  Then, you will become wiser with your parenting.  Plus, you will be building a great relationship.  Finally, ask the Lord to give you the insight and creativity to add more of your own questions to this list.

1.  Who is your best friend?

2.  What color would you like for the walls in your bedroom?

3.  Who is your greatest hero?

4.  What embarrasses you the most?

5.  What is your biggest fear?

6.  What is your favorite type of music?

7.  What person outside the immediate family has most influenced your life?

8.  What is your favorite school subject?

9.  What is your least favorite school subject?

10. What have you done you feel most proud of?

11. What is your biggest complaint about the family?

12. What sport do you most enjoy?

13. What is your favorite TV program?

14. What really makes you angry?

15. What would you like to be when you get older?

16. What chore do you like least?

17. What three foods do you like most?

18. What is your most prized possession?

19. What is your favorite family occasion?

20. What activity did you most recently enjoy?

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