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Lord, Please Do NOT Bless Me If…………….

SOURCE: Taken from an article by Barbara Rainey/Family Life Ministry

Beware of Blessings?

Then your heart will become proud and you will forget the LORD your God.

                                           Deuteronomy 8:14

I remember driving home alone in my car years ago and contemplating this question: How did I get to this place where I (and everyone else I know) feel out of breath from the daily race?

I found myself imagining how much simpler life must have been in Little House on the Prairie days.

If I were living on a farm in the 1800s, I wouldn’t worry about having my hair cut and frosted (which is where I’d been for the past two hours). We’d be living miles from our nearest neighbors, so I wouldn’t have a whole town full of people to compare my house with. Running errands would be a simple event with only one store in town that would have everything we needed.

But is living in the twenty-first century the only reason why our lives are so cluttered with lessons, parties, activities, trips, classes, events and meetings?


We live this way because we can — and because we choose to. Because we’re prosperous enough to do so. That’s the only explanation for why we work countless hours earning money to spend on countless things we don’t really need.

Prosperity is a blessing from God; His Word makes that clear. But He also makes it clear that prosperity can kill us, because abundance brings with it the very real danger that we will forget God, the true source of it all.

Thomas Carlyle said, “For every one hundred people who can handle adversity, I can only show you one who can handle prosperity.” Adversity reduces our choices and many times crystallizes our priorities. Prosperity, however, increases our options and activity. Stress soon follows!

Always be wary of prosperity and what it’s capable of doing in you.

What is more important to you than success? And how much of your average week is spent on those priorities?

Commit to the daily exercise of remembering who you belong to and why you have anything.

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