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Breath Prayers: Constant Spiritual “Oxygen”

SOURCE:  Bill Bellican

Just like one’s actual breathing is an ongoing biological exercise, breath prayers are an ongoing spiritual exercise where one is continually mindful of and in communion with God throughout the normal course of daily life.  It is a spiritually fluid prayer application that courses throughout our being much like oxygen courses throughout our bodies.  In both cases, they bring life — one physically, the other, spiritually.

Breath prayers are deep and meaningful expressions of your heart and soul that are packed into short bursts of exclamation.  This form of prayer is an utterance of nine or ten syllables or less that is pregnant with meaning.  Instead of formalized prayers that go on for quite a time, breath prayers are simple, quiet groanings of the heart that are very brief.  However, they convey your heart’s cry as they are carried by the Holy Spirit to the Father (Romans 8:26).

Breath prayers may consist of parts of Scripture, or they might be a few words about God regarding his nature and truth. They also may be expressions of need, cries for help, and pleas for mercy.

Examples of breath prayers include:

“Help me to love;”

“Let that person know you better, Lord;”

“I have no power for this;”

“Fill me, Holy Spirit;”

“Teach me your way, Lord;”

“My hope is in you;”

“Free me from my anguish;”

“Where are you, Lord?”

“My eyes are on you, Lord;”

“Everything I have is yours, Lord;”

“Help me;”

“Teach me;”

“Guide me;”


“Be with me now;”

“You are holy;”

“Help me love you, Lord.”

The variations and applications of breath prayers are endless.

As the Holy Spirit helps you with expressing your heart through breath prayers, seek to practice this form of praying as much as possible.  Let it become as natural and constant as breathing throughout your waking hours.

[Reference:  Enjoying The Presence of God by  Jan Johnson;   The Practice of the Presence of God by  Brother Lawrence]


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