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SOURCE:  Kim Blackham

The following exercises are not only fun, but also effective in helping children become more empathic.

I Wonder

Go to a public location where you can sit and watch other people coming and going –  i.e. airport, mall, park, fair, sporting event, etc.

Find a place to sit that is in an area of moderately heavy traffic.  You want it to be busy but not crowded.  Then start asking questions.

  • What do you notice about these people?
  • Where do you think they are going?
  • Can you pick out a particular person?  Tell me about them?  Who are they with?  Why are they here?

At this point, you might get a little push back with the child saying, “I don’t know.”  That’s okay.  Encourage them to imagine who the person they see might be.  Acknowledge that of course they don’t know for sure, but based on what they see, what story can they imagine. 

  • Look at their faces.
  • What do you see?
  • Do they look happy or sad?
  • What kind of food do you think they like?
  • Do you think that little boy plays any sports?  What sport do you think he likes best?

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