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SOURCE:  Kay Arthur/AACC

How do we cope with the inevitable pain of life in a dark and fallen world so that it doesn’t damage us beyond repair or ruin our lives? Are we destined to a future of unrelenting pain, devoid of joy, peace, and satisfaction?


I assure you with all my heart that hope, help, and healing are within your reach—and closer at hand than you might have imagined or dreamed. Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this book if I didn’t believe there was a solution.

I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. Far from it! Even though I may have lived longer than you, I realize I have much to learn. I’m still very much “in process”—just like you. But even though I don’t have all the answers, I know where to find them!

Imagine you bumped into me in a large, unfamiliar airport and asked me how to get to a certain gate. I might know the basic direction, but if we happened to be standing close to an airport information booth, I could do even better than giving you vague or general instructions. I could immediately direct you to a person who stands ready, available, qualified, and motivated to meet your every information need.

In the same way, I know how to direct you to the Source of wisdom and life, healing and hope.

And it’s my prayer that you will not only “conquer” your hurt, but will come through on the other side, agreeing that, although it was extremely painful, the affliction was worth the end product.


Let’s go back to that information booth in the busy airport I spoke of a moment ago. Let’s say you come to that helper behind the counter in a worried, distracted frame of mind. You’re afraid you’ve already missed your flight. You’re not sure you’re even in the right terminal. And you have no idea if you have any chance of making it to the right gate in time.

Let’s imagine the helper behind the counter says something like this: “May I see your ticket? Okay… well, first of all, you haven’t missed your flight. You can still catch it! And I will tell you exactly what you need to do.”

Just knowing that you still have a chance, that there’s still hope can make all the difference.

And so it is when we’re going through intense pain or grief. The Bible gives us that reassurance right off the top. The pages of this everlasting book assure us that, no matter where we are, what we have endured, or what we may be facing, there is still hope!

We can make it step by step through the difficulties of this life and find lasting happiness and peace in the next life…if we follow some simple directions.

As it happens, we find one of the most important stories about dealing with personal pain in the very first book of the Bible. It’s a story that sets forth a truth, and that truth is then substantiated throughout all sixty-six books of this great book that we know as “God’s Word.”

I can almost hear your protest: “But, Kay, you have no idea. I’ve been wounded by Christians…by the church…by God. If God is God, why would He allow me to go through this pain, this unbearable hurt?”

I understand, and I am so very sorry.

However, if you have misunderstood God, or if the churches or people in your past have not represented God correctly, truthfully, and accurately, would you want that misunderstanding or misrepresentation to keep you from knowing what to do when the hurt runs deep?  From finding healing and wholeness and hope? Of course not!

And if the Bible holds the key that could unlock your pain and enable you to deal with it—and even come out the better for it—surely you would at least want to listen, to consider what it says, wouldn’t you? Of course!


Excerpt from: When the Hurt Runs Deep, WaterBrook Press, 2010, Kay Arthur.


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