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SOURCE:  Kim Blackham

If you have ever asked yourself, “Do we need marriage counseling?” then that is a pretty good indication that you should pursue that thought.

The truth is, I think every couple needs workshops, retreats, guidance, and at times couples counseling to develop the best relationship possible.

Romantic relationships are one of those things that few of us receive any training in.  The only knowledge we have comes from watching our parents and other couples, and our own past romantic relationships.  Most of the time, those are not the best teachers.

Yet there is often a lot of hesitation and shame associated with couples counseling.  We are afraid of what others will think if they find out we are seeing a marriage therapist.  Or maybe there is the fear that marriage therapy won’t work.  It is a big investment – in time, money, and emotional energy.  “Do I really want to invest so much when I’m not sure really we need marriage counseling or that it will help?”

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