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SOURCE:  Kim Blackham

Lot’s of people wonder, how do I set boundaries without feeling guilty or hurting other people’s feelings.  In answering that, I think it’s helpful to first understand what a boundary is.  The term “boundaries” is something we hear about a lot, but many of us don’t fully understand what it means.

Dr’s Henry Cloud and John Townsend define boundaries in a way that I think is pretty easy to understand.

They suggest we think about boundaries as property lines.Where I end and you begin.If I had a neighbor who wanted to let their dog roam the neighborhood and it came into my yard, frightened my children, and left a mess for me to clean up, I would be pretty upset.But what about the neighbor who may want to come trim my bushes, mow my lawn, and dig up some of my flower beds without my permission.That would probably feel wrong as well.Those things are within the boundaries of my property line and therefore shouldn’t be encroached on without my permission.

Personal boundaries are very much the same.

To read the entire article, go to this link:


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