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SOURCE:  Living Free

“Love is always supportive …” 1 Corinthians 13:7 CEV

When your children enter school, they will likely be more quiet and shy than in the past. This is a normal change.

At this point, your children are completely verbal but will also communicate with you using body language. Show your loving support by learning to interpret what they are saying to you and by responding appropriately. He (or she) might say, “Things went ok at school,” yet you see tears in his eyes. He might say, “I’m not angry,” as he clenches and unclenches his fist. He may express insecurity by just needing a hug.

The best time for family communication is meal times. Ask your children questions. Respect their opinion even if you don’t agree. Ask why they feel the way they do and offer alternatives.

If your children go outside your home to school, talk to them each day about what they have learned, not only in the classroom, but also from their friends. If they report questionable information or behavior or attitudes, help them think through the situation. Help them to apply what they know of right and wrong.

Father, teach me to lovingly support my children by “listening” to body language, as well as words, and responding wisely. In Jesus’ name …


These thoughts were drawn from …

Godly Parenting: Parenting Skills at Each Stage of Growth by N. Elizabeth Holland, M.D. 

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