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Source:  Bill Bellican

The following are some suggested, simple discussion points to have with your spouse.  The goal of the discussions would be to relate with each other at a deeper level in order to move the relationship to a higher level.  Perhaps these discussion points will lead you to add a number of other items to discuss.

1.  In what areas do we need adjustments for this stage of our marriage  (e.g., roles, functions, how we handle anger, parenting, communication)?

2.  What are our dreams (individually and as a couple)?

3.  What do we want our marriage to look like when we come to the end of the race?

4.  Who could help us do marriage better (e.g., marriage mentor, trusted friends, counselor)?

5.  What are we individually passionate about?    Do we have a “couple passion”?

6.  What are our financial goals?  Retirement plans?

7.  What are we doing individually for our health and physical fitness?

8.  What do we do for fun and leisure?  What could we start or do more of?

10. What are the best aspects of our marriage?

11. What are the areas that cause the greatest stress in our marriage?

12. What do we fear the most about our marriage in the future?

13.  What  are we looking forward to in our marriage in the future?

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